Programs, I’ve noticed, are never the the same twice.  I adapt each program to the group for whom I’m performing.  And I create new programs from the collection of stories I’ve mastered.  If you are interested in having me perform, let’s talk about your group so we can tailor a program that best suits your needs.  If we don’t seem like a good fit, I’ll try to recommend a storyteller who is.

Areas of interest: Stories from Canada (where I was born and raised), stories from Saratoga Springs and upstate New York (where I live now), traditional folk tales, original stories told, I hope, with humor, heart, and wit.

A Sample of Story Programs

  • Detours, Road bumps, and Dead Ends.  Stories about life’s journeys
  • Not in Kansas
  • Canadian folk tales
  • World folk tales
  • Canadian homesteaders
  • Witches, charlatans, and unsavory characters of Saratoga Springs
  • Tales told in a graveyard
  • Stories about the 1950’s, and 1960s

A sampling of Workshops

  • Listening for the story (a 2 hour workshop)
  • Telling family stories
  • Storytelling, storytellers

Often I tell with a friend and colleague, Betty Cassidy.  She brings another perspective, another voice that is very good.

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